Andersen Air Force Base Address
YIGO, GU 96912

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Andersen Air Force Base

The Andersen AFB is a military Air Force Base of the USA situated at the North-Eastern end of the island of Guam. The near-by villages of Yigo and Dededo are the only surrounding communities. Andersen AFB is home to the 36th Wing of the Pacific Air Forces. Their logo conveys the importance of having a military base overseas being ready to act before the danger is ultimately posed. The arrow and the wing symbolize flight and aerial force. The Commander is Brigadier General Douglas H. Owens, a man who has truly made Andersen an American-type base.

The base was open in 1944 and was named in 1949 after Roy Andersen a Brigadier General. It has served as help and support terminal during the Vietnam War. Nowadays it has many aircraft, such as the B-1B and the B-2 Spirit. It also has very good schools: the Andersen Elementary School and the Andersen Middle School. There are special facilities for high school students in Asan.

As stated by many chiefs of staff, Andersen's only purpose is to act as a forward base, one that is strategically built. The local attractions are few but many find the sports facilities worthy of respect. Moreover, they have some very interesting landscapes, thus one can easily relax while taking a stroll in the open fields of Guam.

Apart from this, the housing facilities are always available for newcomers but only in terms of being employed at the base. Otherwise accommodation can only be offered by local people.